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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Diocesan Advisor for Healing and Deliverance Ministry

The Revd Matthew Jones, the Chaplain of St Thomas Becket in Hamburg, has been appointed the Bishop’s Advisor for Healing & Deliverance Ministry. He succeeds the Revd Michael Selman in this position.

The ministry of healing is, of course, part of the routine pastoral work of the clergy, and resources can be found in Common Worship: Pastoral Services. The ministry of deliverance on the other hand, is a highly sensitive matter and should not be undertaken without the supervision of those such as Fr Matthew, who are specifically authorised by the bishop to give such supervision and advice. 

Clergy needing any advice in the areas of healing or deliverance ministry should be in touch with Fr Matthew:  

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  1. really it nice post about Deliverance Ministryexorcism can only be done by someone ordained in the Catholic Sacrament of Ordination. Every Catholic priest is ordained as exorcist.

    After 1968 the sacrament was invalidated, and the Order of Exorcist was dropped.

    Non catholic Ministers have no priestly powers to remove the devil's grasp on the soul and cannot banish the devil from possession of it. Traditional ordinations still ordain validly with the Order of Exorcist.

    The "bishop was probably ordained in the pre-1968 sacrament which is why you were advised that the bishop could attempt an exorcism.