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Saturday, 19 May 2012

All Saints Marseille Confirmations

All Saints Marseille is a historic congregation of the diocese, but a relatively small one these days. However it is a very faithful one, which is still producing candidates for confirmation. The apostolic rite of confirmations was celebrated again on 6 May. It was a joyous celebration of faith, for younger and older members of the parish.

There are several significant moments in the rite of Confirmation, besides the  laying on of the bishop's hand. One is when, gathered at the baptismal font and having rehearsed the baptismal creed of the Church, the candidates dip their hands into the water and sign themselves with the cross, to remind them of their union with Christ in Holy Baptism. Another is at the end of the service when the newly confirmed carry a lit candle out into the world, the place where their Christian discipleship is lived out, as they bear  the light of Christ to those they meet through their service of love.  

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