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Saturday, 3 April 2021

Easter hope expressed by the young people of St Nicholas's Helsinki


The Anglican Church in Finland, whose principal congregation is St Nicholas Helsinki, was founded by refugees from St Petersburg, fleeing the Russian Revolution. The cross above is one of the historic artifacts brought with them. 

Today, almost 100 years later, St Nicholas's congregation comes from around the world, a vibrant community of people of all ages. 

The children and young people of St Nicholas parish have prepared and released this video, in which they express their Easter hopes and prayers:  

  • for a greener and fairer world for all God's creatures, 
  • for Coronavirus to leave the planet 
  • to see family abroad 
  • to have birthday parties again 
  • to be with friends and eat chocolate eggs!  

It is a delightful and joyful piece, which summarises our hopes before God this Easter.

Thank you to the young folk of St Nicholas! 



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