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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Moscow air

Photo By RiMarkin

Readers will be aware of the conditions these past weeks in Moscow which has been suffering the worst heatwave in over a century. The mortality rate in the city has doubled recently as wildfires have filled the capital with dense smoke. Residents are urged to wear face masks if they venture outside. The conditions are expected to continue at least until Thursday this week.

A parishioner in St Andrew's Moscow wrote to me recently, and asked for our prayers:

"... for lots of people, especially with asthma or heart problems it must be very difficult in this weather. I've been to a funeral of a friend's father yesterday and they say there's been much more work for them these days... So, we need to pray for people with weak health, for people in the country whose houses are burned down, for peace of mind (there's been some violence between different national groups in the city), for harvest and generally... for rain".
St Andrew's Moscow website is here.
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  1. Hyacinth Oesterlin13 August 2010 at 15:22

    Joining my prayers to those of the congregation of St. Andrews´s for those suffering in this prolonged heatwave, with polluted air from the forest fires, and the threat of even more dangerous air from fires around the area of Chernobyl. Good Lord, have mercy!