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Friday, 19 August 2011

What's in a name?

What should we call our clergy in the Diocese in Europe?

Many are called "Father", (mostly men, mind you). A couple are "Mother" (all women). "Pastor" has been heard, particularly in Lutheran lands. "Chaplain" seems a little cold and formal. "Padre" a little too military. "Reverend" is just plain wrong, in English.

The Revd Canon David Burton Evans who has served the diocese in Pau and more recently in Vernet-les-Bains has proposed a very apt  title.

The only problem is - it's the name of a Spanish fruit and vegetable wholesaler!


  1. Connoisseurs of Matthew 23 will know that "Father" is also plain wrong! I believe 'proper' English usage would dictate "Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Smith" as being correct, or, if we are on friendly terms with our minister, "David" or "Mary" would be appropriate. I personally go with the latter but would go with "Mr Smith" for other clergy that I don't know personally. It seems to me that honorifics have no place in the Church, no matter how much some might enjoy using them. (I believe the title we are to strive for is "unprofitable servant", if we can manage to fulfil our duty). However, I am probably treating your light-hearted post too seriously...!

  2. Getting back to the lighter theme!

    Male - Popsicle
    Female - Momsicle
    Pastor - Pasticle
    Teacher - **********