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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Revd Dana English has a dream. Result: a successful programme for women from around the Communion

The Revd Dana English
One of the priests of our diocese, the Revd Dana English, was instrumental in the organisation and leadership of a recent successful course held at the Anglican Centre in Rome. Dana is Assistant Curate at All Saints in Rome.

The course was entitled "Female Leadership in the Church: Past, Present and Future". It was Dana's inspiration and initiative to hold such a course. She collaborated with the Revd Dr Lucy Morris from Perth, Australia in the design of the programme.

30 people, ordained and lay, from 15 different countries around the Anglican Communion attended the course which ran from 19 to 25 July. Rome is an ideal venue to reflect on the role of women in the Church. For a start so many early martyrs in Rome were women who left a lasting spiritual heritage with the Christian community and whose memory we still celebrate today: St Agnes, St Prisca and St Sabina, for instance. The programme at the Anglican Centre was able to use the example of these great saints as an opening for deep reflection on this subject.  

The Director of the Anglican Centre in Rome, Archbishop Sir David Moxon, said that the programme will be repeated next year, owing to its success.

The Anglican Centre in Rome the permanent Anglican Communion presence in Rome and is a living symbol of our Communion's commitment to the full visible unity of the Church. The website of the Anglican Centre in Rome is here. I serve as a Governor of the Centre.

Archbishop Sir David Moxon

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  1. I am glad it was a great success. The ability to hear about the leadership of Saint Barbara and then visit her tomb... and again Saint Agnes... and again Saint Cecilia... would be amazing. You hear of their stories... but to visit their homes, walk their streets and lane ways, and know them as real people who were faced with church challenges... wow.