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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Senior Staff explore the unknown factors in making clergy appointments

The Archdeacons and Area Deans work closely with the Bishops and the Appointments Secretary in all that pertains to clergy appointments in this Diocese in Europe. A training day for them was recently led by Claire Pedrick, author of an invaluable book entitled How to Make Great Appointments in the Church. 

It was encouraging to hear so many of our Area Deans and Archdeacons agreeing that the present system and process of appointments is largely working well, and is well supported by our staff, particularly Catherine Jackson, the Appointments Secretary.  From the wide international experience of our Senior Staff, there were clear testimonies that the Diocese in Europe is much better at the complicated business of appointments than many other dioceses and other parts of the Anglican Communion.

Ms Catherine Jackson, Appointments Secretary

Nevertheless, with all aspects of life in the Church, there is always room to improve some things, and to learn some new approaches. This recent training day follows on one given about 3 years ago and and this time concentrated on "managing the unknown" factors in appointing priests to our churches. Through various exercises and small discussions, the participants were encouraged to see the appointment of a priest from many different angles, and through many different eyes - from the appointee herself/himself, to that of the spouse if there is one, the Church Council, and even the wider Diocese. There was even space given to consider how God might view our appointments!

Area Dean of Germany Fr Ken Dimmick (l) and Area Dean of Belgium Fr Stephen Murray consider a particular view of our appointment process 

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