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Thursday, 30 January 2020

A testimony from Hamburg: "it means love, grace, forgiveness, peace and promise"

Candidates remind themselves of their baptism
In the rite of confirmation there is a moment when testimonies can be shared by the candidates, as to why they have decided to receive this sacrament. It is always a moving time. At a recent confirmation in the Church of St Thomas à Becket in Hamburg, one testimony from a young candidate was particularly inspiring. I share her words here:
"When I decided to get confirmed, I was thinking of confirmation as a way of continuing in faith. But it’s so much more than that. During our confirmation lessons we learned about what it all really means; it means dedicating ourselves to the Christian belief and to the Lord. It means not only acknowledging the faith within ourselves, but with all of the Church. It means love, grace and forgiveness. It means peace, it means promise, and true and meaningful trust in the Lord our God".
The parish has existed since 1612. It describes itself as "a welcoming, active and inclusive church, growing in our relationship with God and with the community". That was certainly my experience at the confirmation mass.

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