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Friday, 10 April 2020

Holy Week resources for the Diocese in Europe

To assist the faithful across the diocese with their prayers during this time of lockdown, Fr Louis Darrant has produced a resource specially for us. It is a PDF booklet, which, as Fr Louis states in the introduction  "is to support us in our common prayer during Holy Week". 

You may already have found it among our diocesan resources on the website.If not, the link is here:

Louis writes: "The Church is responding quickly to the changing circumstances in which we find ourselves. With imagination and creativity we will find ourselves caught up in the Easter mystery in such a way as will bear fruit in due time. No Christian prays alone. Together we share the sacred work of the Church in offering praise to the Father through the Son and in the power of the Holy Spirit."

Fr Louis Darrant is the Chaplain at St Christopher's Costa Azahar in Spain. He is also one of the clergy representatives from the Archdeaconry of Gibraltar on our Diocesan Synod. 

We thank him for this resource to keep us connected to the liturgy of the Church this Holy Week. 

Fr Louis Darrant

In addition to this guide to our prayer this week, the Director of Lay Discipleship, Dr Clare Amos, has been compiling in the Faith in Europe blog she runs for the diocese, a series of resources and reflections entitled "Discipleship in Difficult Days". The link to this important resource is here:

Clare is always willing to receive contributions to this blog. She can be contacted here:

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