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Monday, 6 June 2011

Christ Church Vienna Discusses Women in the Episcopate

The parish visit to Christ Church Vienna on 14 - 16 May had many of the usual components - a meeting with the Church Council and Churchwardens, individual interviews with the clergy and a confirmation service. In addition it was an opportunity for me to attend one of the newer activities of the parish - a Sunday evening service. The Assistant Curate, the Revd Jady Koch, has been responsible for the development of this more contemporary and contemplative eucharist, whose attendance is steadily growing, particularly, but not exclusively, among young adults. Fr Jady is pictured below with Mrs Hyacinth Oesterlin (who was one of the recipients of the Maundy Money from Her Majesty this year) and Victoria Curran, a younger member of the Church Council).
Hyacinth Oesterlin, Fr Jady Koch, Victoria Curran
The Chaplain of Christ Church, the Venerable Patrick Curran (below, 2nd from left), also arranged for a meeting with parishioners to discuss the present proposals for the consecration of women to the episcopate in the Church of England. Together we explored the theological arguments for and against, from both Catholic and Evangelical perspectives. The event was well attended and provoked a lively discussion from from parishioners from Europe, England, Africa and North America.

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