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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Senior Tutor and Advisor for Reader Ministry recommends we read this....

The Revd Elaine Labourel is the Senior Tutor and Advisor for Reader Ministry in this diocese (pictured above with some of her students and former students). 

Elaine does a lot of reading to equip her for tutoring and mentoring her students who are scattered across 42 countries. She recently found one particular book to have some important things to say to us. Readers of this blog will already know that the Diocese in Europe, while clear about and strong in our Anglican identity, seeks to live an expression of Christianity as Anglicans have received it which moves beyond the tensions, ecclesiastical politics and partisanship that is experienced in some parts of the Communion. We reach forward to manifest a truly catholic community that lives a generous and welcoming faith.  

Elaine's recommendation sounds like it might help us with our vision. She writes:

Lorraine Cavanagh, Finding God in other Christians. SPCK, ISBN 978-0-281-06585, £8.99. 
As we grow in the faith, we can find God in the context of more than one kind of churchmanship. Even if we have our preferences, we can benefit from exploring new ways of meeting with God, and especially through other Christians/Anglicans whose priorities and styles of worship are different to our own. This book calls us to a profound and compassionate approach to the challenges of diversity. It explores how we can reconnect as a Christian community with one another with integrity and truthfulness. It s a book for those who want to see the Church become what is really is,the ultimate place of reconciliation and belonging.

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