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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Pilgrim: a course for the Christian journey

I commend to the clergy and people of the Diocese in Europe a new programme which can help us in our work of teaching the Christian faith and equipping disciples in our congregations: Pilgrim. It is a specifically Anglican course which aims to cater for every tradition in the Church of England. It was commissioned by the bishops of the Church to support the presentation of the basics of the Christian faith. The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have endorsed the programme saying "The Pilgrim course is a journey to the heart of God and to a living, personal relationship with Jesus Christ".

There are two stages on the Pilgrim course.

The first is the "Follow" stage, designed for those who are enquirers or very new to Christianity. It can be used by those seeking baptism or confirmation, for example, and is designed to be led by someone who is further on in their Christian faith and who is a skilled teacher. It is in four sections, based around the great texts that have been used to teach the faith since the earliest days of the Church, which open up reflection on four essential dimensions to that faith:
  • The Creeds (What do Christians believe?)
  • The Lord's Prayer (How do Christians know and worship God?)
  • The Commandments (How do Christians behave?)
  • The Beatitudes (What is the Christian vision for the world?)
The second is the "Grow" stage, designed for those who want to go further into exploration of the Christian faith to which they are already committed. It is designed so that the group can lead and guide themselves with some external help and support and is also structured around four themes of the Christian life:
  • The Creeds
  • The Sacraments
  • the Scriptures
  • Living in God's Church and in God's world
Each of the four sections in both the "Follow" and "Grow" stages consists of 6 sessions. There is a website with additional optional short video clips to introduce each session and conclude with reflection. The website also has details about how to order the materials.

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  1. I am so bless to walk in my pilgims a journey again today and experienc love from the lord and his care in the Holy Spirit are so amazing experience daily with victory in Christ,thanks and bless and joy,keijos weden