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Monday, 23 December 2013

Curates continue their training - and are joined by their training incumbents

Two training events were held recently for the assistant curates in the Diocese in Europe. 

The first was one of the semi-annual Post Ordination Training residentials. In the Church of England, training for priesthood and distinctive diaconate is a 7 year process. Normally 3 of these 7 years is before ordination. After ordination the compulsory training continues; this is called IME 4 - 7.

Sessions of IME 4 - 7 and a supervised curacy are also required for those clergy who seek to serve in the Church of England but who come from other Provinces of the Communion, if their own training and ordained ministerial experience has not included elements of the pre- and post-ordination requirements laid down by our Church.  

The focus of the recent IME 4 - 7 session was on issues on "Issues in Public and Personal Ministry". The entire IME 4 - 7 process is overseen by the Director of Training, the Revd Canon Ulla Monberg. 

A highlight of the residential sessions is when one of the curates is invited by Canon Monberg to preside at a eucharist for their colleagues. The Revd Jennifer Elliott de Riverol presided at one of the eucharists at the recent sessions, with the Revd Nigel Thomas assisting as liturgical deacon. 

The second was a training session for the curates and their training incumbents together. This was focussed on the use of music in worship. It was led by the Revd Canon John Wilkinson, who explored the use of the wide range of music in Anglican services, and also gave instruction in the actual singing of the liturgy. As presiders at the eucharistic assembly, it is important that newly ordained priests are comfortable in singing the traditional parts of the service. A sung liturgy is the norm in the Church's life. A said service was largely an innovation in the Western, Roman Church! 

Canon Wilkinson leads sessions on music in worship

Some curates and their training incumbents 

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