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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Anglican Church in St Petersburg

We do not hear very much about the Anglican Church in St Petersburg, Russia, even though this is one of the oldest congregations in the diocese. At present there is no resident priest for the parish. However, the congregation continues to flourish, and is a community of people of all ages, some from St Petersburg itself, but others from all over the world who find themselves in the city for study, business, or tourism.

It is a tribute to the commitment of the congregation and its Churchwardens that services, normally a sung Eucharist, are held each week at 11 am. The services are in St Katarina's Swedish Church and are led by locum Anglican clergy as well as clergy from the Finnish and Swedish Lutheran Churches who have been given authorisation, under the Porvoo Agreement. (This is a good example of the Porvoo Agreement having practical application in this diocese). There is also a Sunday School held each week during the 11 am service.

The Anglican Church in St Petersburg has centuries of history behind it, from pre-1917 days. The congregation is poised to embrace a new and exciting future, and key to that will be the recruitment of a resident priest.

The Church has a website with more information here.

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