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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

St Andrew's Tangier explores the next stage in its ministry

The ancient city of Tangier lies on the southern shore of the Straits of Gibraltar, almost at the
westernmost tip of Africa and facing Tarifa, its closest European neighbour. The first English Church in the city was founded during the period of Charles II’s reign when Tangier came into English possession as part of the dowry of Queen Catherine of Braganza. The present St Andrew's Church stands on a site given by Sultan Hassan I in 1883. The building was consecrated in 1905.

The architecture combines English and Moroccan styles; the arch over the chancel is decorated the Lord's Prayer in Arabic calligraphy, for instance. There are other motifs throughout the building which point to the unity of the "People of the Book".

For many years there has been no resident priest. Sacramental services have been provided by visiting locum clergy. St Andrew's is now considering taking steps towards welcoming once again a resident priest-in-charge, who can lead them forward in outreach to the foreign Anglophone community as well as to many other foreign residents in the city. There is already a flourishing presence of African Anglicans from a variety of sub-Saharan countries, who also would value the presence of a resident priest to provide pastoral care and spiritual guidance.

On a recent visit, I was able to confirm several members from Liberia, UK and Nigeria.

St Andrew's was immortalised by Henri Matisse who painted the Church in 1912. The original now hangs in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow.


  1. What i don't understand is why we at St Andrews church have been left behind .

  2. please tell us why has St Andrews have been left behind for so many years they need a long term Vicker as this is a long standing church with War Graves from WW2..

  3. I'm intrigued to know why Tanger is in the CofE Diocese of Europe, given that it is in Africa, and that the Presiding Bishop in Cairo, with Bishop Bill in Tunis covers all the other countries of the Magrehb? Is this just old history from Catherine of Beganza or something more complex?

  4. I've been told by the guardian that it is changing its name to St Christophers in honour of its owner Mr Gibbs

    1. yes it is he is the founder of this church god bless Mr Gibbs

    2. God bless you and all who sale in her

  5. What's wrong with this church? I been going for over 20 yrs and it's never changed still the same old faces same old back biting nothing ever change good Friday was disgusting

  6. Hello every on we have a summer fate on the 6th of August 2016 At 12 Noon all are welcome all Food and Drink and the use of a Pool please just bring your Trunks and Towel see you all there

    Joanna Whalley

  7. Hello everyone when is this summer fate where is it how much is it to get in


  8. I was there at there church and it was all closed up and the graveyard i specialy wanted to see it i hung around for two hours but no one there ,am sure god is still in there but it is like the last spark of light in desert of darkness makes you wonder how long it can glow.