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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Canon Ulla Monberg - the Europe Representative at ACC in Lusaka

Canon Ulla Monberg in Holy Cross Cathedral in Lusaka where the ACC meeting is being held

The Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) is meeting in Lusaka, Zambia. The ACC is one of the 4 instruments of the Anglican Communion (the others being the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lambeth Conference and the Primates' Meeting) but the only instrument where laity and clergy have a full part to play. It gathers every 3 years. We are privileged that our own Diocese in Europe, although part of the Church of England which has its own delegates to the ACC, has a special co-opted member, the Revd Canon Ulla Monberg, our Diocesan Director of Ministerial Development. It is only right that we have a representative since 42 of the 164 countries of the Anglican Communion are in our diocese!

Members of the ACC will be discussing some of the most pressing issues facing the Church's mission in the world, including the challenges presented by migration and refugees, climate change, violence in all its forms and poverty. The Council will consider a major report on the formation of disciples, active followers of Jesus Christ equipped to engage with these mission challenges.

The gathering which began on 8 April continues until 19 April. We uphold Canon Monberg in our prayers during this time, and also pray for all the delegates, that our unity in Christ might shape our common mission in the world. I was a staff person at ACC meetings in Panama (1996), Dundee (1999) and Hong Kong (2002) and I know how exhausting these gatherings can be, but how exhiliaring they are when global Anglicanism comes together to celebrate both our diversity and what we hold in common, and what we can offer to the world in joint service.


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