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Monday, 10 May 2010

St George's Barcelona Puts Accent on Discipleship

Six adults were confirmed in St George's Barcelona on Sunday 2 May. They came from a variety of backgrounds, British, German, Indian, American and Nigerian. All have found St George's to be a welcoming and nurturing spiritual home. The members of St George's were enthusiastic in rehearsing along with the confirmation candidates the vows of discipleship and their commitment to living the Way of Jesus Christ and believing the faith of his Holy Church.

The Chaplain of St George's is the Revd Andrew Tweedy. He is assisted by a youth outreach worker, Caroline Cox. There are also two trainee readers in St George's, Billie Tweedy (Andrew's wife) and Circe Bosch.

Among the priorities of the leadership team is a renewed focus on leadership development and education for discipleship. Some tailor-made programmes have been designed by the Chaplain, with assistance from Billie Tweedy. A basic course introduction to the Christian faith called "Roots" is now being followed up by a second programme called "Routes". In the second course participants explore the implications of being a Christian for their life and mission in the world and become more confident with using the Bible to make informed decisions about the complicated decisions they may face.

Anglican worship has been offered in Barcelona since the middle of the nineteenth century. The present congregation worships in a contemporary building dating from 1973. In addition to the Sunday morning services, a new evening service has been started to address the needs of the many English-speaking students and young adults in Barcelona.
St George's is particularly pleased with its new website which can be found here.

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  1. Dear Bishop David,

    Writing from Barcelona after entering yr blog via St George's news on your visit. I was v sorry to miss coming to the Confirmation Service and even more so now reading that you are from Trinty College UofT.!! I spent three happy years at Trinity with the intention initially of progressing later as an ordinand but I turned out to be one of the many called but not chosen!! My fault entirely but never lost faith. We are so fortunate at St George's - I have known all the Chaplains going back to 1947 when my family returned to BCN - my father wrote the brief history and his grandfather helped in starting St George's, his mother and father in the old churh, and my mum and dad in the present!! I have myself been absent many times but occasionaly go to the Eucharist. We are v fortunate now with Andrew, the latest in a long line of wonderfful caring and holy priests at St George's. Kind regards Michael Witty