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Monday, 5 March 2012

English Cemetery in Las Palmas: A cultural monument.

Photo: Juan Carlos Castro
The English Cemetery in Las Palmas  was solemnly rehallowed on Friday 2 March following a restoration undertaken and generously financed by the Canary Island Government, a work which cost a total of €91,000. The site was declared part of the cultural and historical patrimony of the island in 2010 as it is a focus of the history of the British families who since the early 19th century were key figures in Gran Canaria, in many cases contributing significantly to its economic development.
The Island’s Minister of Culture, Mr Larry Alvarez, together with other colleagues from the local government were present for the ceremony and is pictured above talking to Holy Trinity Churchwarden, Mrs Betty Burgess, and the Priest-in-Charge, Fr Peter Ford OGS.
It is not only the British who were buried here. There are a large number of graves of people from all over the world, signifying what a cross-roads the Canary Islands once were, due to intercontinental shipping lanes. In just a quick inspection I noted graves of missionaries, seamen, entrepreneurs, from Africa, Scandinavia, Asia and America. The cemetery is still in active use today.

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  1. Dear Bishop David,

    Frederic William Maitland : whose widow became Lady Florence Darwin, wife of Sir Francis Darwin

    Can you please take an image of his grave in the English Cemetery:

    and send it to me for his Find-A-Grave entry?

    Thanks in anticipation of your assistance;

    Best wishes, Martin Packer [Birmingham, England]