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Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Diocesan Office - An International Meeting Place

Canon Adrian Mumford, Diocesan Secretary, with Bishop Griselda Delgado of Cuba 
At least a couple of times on each parish visit people ask where I am based and I say, "in that great European capital city called London!" Some are surprised to learn that the bishops of this diocese do not live in Gibraltar. (Bishop Geoffrey lives in Sussex).

There are a number of reasons why I keep my office in London. For one, it is by far the best transportation hub in Europe. But another vitally important reason which may not be well known is this: my office and the adjoining Diocesan Office host a large number of visitors each week. Some just want to say hello; some want to find out about the Diocese; some want to have some conversations about matters of mutual interest. Very often archbishops and bishops, ecumenical partners, diplomats and other international visitors, perhaps on their way to or return from Lambeth Palace (5 minutes away) or to Church House add on a visit to the Diocese in Europe Office. So our location in the heart of London makes us a good centre for communications, meetings, and networking. The Diocesan Secretary, Adrian Mumford and his diocesan staff team, and my own chaplain, Deacon Frances, play a key role in providing hospitality, welcome and information for these guests thus helping to hold high the profile of a diocese that can easily be forgotten.

For example, two recent impromtu visits included bishops from our world-wide Communion. Bishop Griselda Delgado del Carpio, of the Bishop of the Diocese of Cuba and Bishop Tunde Adeleye of the Diocese of Calabar in Nigeria. Bishop Griselda and I were able to have conversations about international development, theological education and ecumenical matters in the Anglican Communion. Bishop Tunde and I were able to discuss strategies for the healing of rifts in the Anglican Communion and the phenomenon of the growing Nigerian diaspora in Europe. He is pictured below left with the Revd Canon Ben Enwuchola, the Nigerian Chaplain in London.

Bishop Tunde and Fr Ben

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