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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Conversations with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark

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On 15 to 16 September, together with the Bishops of Guildford, Edinburgh and Dr Paul Avis of the Church of England Council for Christian Unity, I was in Copenhagen for conversations with officials of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark about various aspects of the Porvoo Agreement. (The Porvoo Agreement brings the Anglican Churches of England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland into communion with the Lutheran Churches of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Iceland and Lithuania). The Church of Denmark was a full participant in the dialogue that led to the Agreement, but in the end did not sign it. However, it has been faithfully represented by observers at Porvoo meetings.

Our Anglican congregations in Copenhagen and Aarhus maintain warm ecumenical relations with the Danish Church and the Church of England and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark have officially welcomed each others members to Holy Communion since the mid 1950s. The new Bishop of Copenhagen, the Rt Revd Peter Skov-Jakobsen, who was consecrated on 30 August, is a close friend of the Church of England and was recently present for the licensing of the new Anglican chaplain in Copenhagen, the Revd Jonathan LLoyd.

The Church of Denmark is organised in 12 dioceses and has over 2000 parishes. 87% of the national population are members and close to 80% of young people aged 13 - 14 are confirmed. Click here for more information about the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark.

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