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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Gibraltar Archdeaconry Delegation Reports on "10 Extraordinary Days in Peru"

The members of the Archdeaconry of Gibraltar at its synod from 2 - 5 February, heard an inspiring report from members of “Team Peru” the group which paid a visit to the partner diocese last November, in response to an invitation from its Bishop Bill Godfrey.

There were 10 persons on the team, aging from 12 to 82. The youngest member, Sebastian Hubbard, (left) spoke movingly of his own encounter with “poor people, who know they are loved by our presence, not just by our money” and how the experience was one of “working, talking, learning, laughing and sharing of our lives”. Sebastian was impressed that the funds raised at just one event in his home parish (St Vincent’s Algarve) would pay for the feeding of 7000 children in Peru.

Others spoke of the partnership aspect to the visit, that they learned it was not about what they thought they should or would do, but what the local partners wanted them to do. “Here is a calling for us in the Archdeaconry – breaking out of our own little worlds, our own parishes and becoming open to God’s firm, gentle hands, putting our own hands into the mess of the world”.

The archdeaconry affirmed that this partnership, which has been facilitated by USPG, is more than a one-off visit: “We are a bigger archdeaconry because of this experience.”

Some members of "Team Peru" are pictured below, with Archdeacon of Gibraltar David Sutch (wearing the Peruvian stole")

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