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Sunday, 15 January 2012

St Andrew's Moscow and the Russian Orphan Education project

Fr Simon Stephens (left) with some students and teachers of the ROOF education centre
On a recent visit to St Andrew's Moscow I visited with some students and teachers at the ROOF education centre. ROOF (Russian Orphan Opportunity Fund) is a charity supported by St Andrew's. The education centre is housed in the parish facilities.

This project seeks to provide education for young people from orphanages in Moscow. In Russian orphanages only the basics of education is provided. ROOF provides further learning in core and vocational subjects to help the young people to overcome their disadvantaged past and thus open up opportunities for employment and higher education which otherwise would not be possible. Many graduates of the centre have gone on to university; one is now a lawyer and one is a priest! The chaplain of St Andrew's, the Revd Canon Dr Simon Stephens is very much the pastor to the students and teachers at the centre.

The ROOF education centre was launched in 2000. 200 students are currently enrolled. Classes run 6 days a week. The website for ROOF (there are other aspects to the charity besides the education centre) is here.

St Andrew's Moscow website is here.


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