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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Gala Concert organised by Christ Church Vienna

Musicians from the Christ Church Vienna Gala Concert
Most of our Churches in the Diocese in Europe must raise funds from stewardship and from special events to pay their expenses - including clergy stipends, housing and pension. (Only in Belgium and Luxembourg is support available from the state). This means that our Church Councils and dedicated volunteers spend many hours each year in fund-raising activities. Some imaginative lay members of Christ Church Vienna staged a very successful event on Friday 16 May: a Gala Concert, held in the residence of the British Ambassador. Well over 120 tickets were sold for a concert featuring outstanding musicians followed by a buffet supper.

The musicians performing were Margit Urbanetz Vig (violin and Viola d'Amore), Jack Ridley (piano), Johanna Cabili-Reuss (soprano, accompanied by RiƩ Capek-Suzuki) and Stephen Chaundy (tenor, accompanied by Antoinette Van Zabner). Jack is also Christ Church's director of music and Johanna sings in the choir.

Archdeacon Patrick Curran with ordinand from Christ Church, Mr Mike Waltner
It is hard to conceive of a more international congregation than Christ Church, Vienna. The Chaplain, the Venerable Patrick Curran, (who is also the Archdeacon of the East), informed me that there are people on the electoral roll from 34 different countries.

In recent years the parish has produced two ordinands who will be ordained in English dioceses this Petertide. Another, Mike Waltner, is presently studying at the Eastern Regional Ministry Course while he continues to work at the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue, an international organisation based in Vienna.

The newly elected Church Council is working on the results of a congregation-wide survey related to the life of the parish and its mission. Several priority areas are emerging related to ministry and leadership resources, financial planning, addressing the needs of the younger generation, enhancing the inclusive life of the congregation, worship, increasing social opportunities for members and improving communications.

In the area of outreach, in 2013 - 2014, the Church supported an impressive number of charities such as the Austrian Bible Society, various Child Protections Centres in Austria, the Committee for Christian-Jewish Cooperation in Austria, Churches in India and emergency relief in the Philippines. This year, a new project is being added: support a feeding programme in the city for recently released prisoners.

Members of the Vienna Church Council considering a report on one of the parish priorities

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