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Friday, 18 May 2018

A prayer for a brother being confirmed

Rosemary Selle with Candidate Danny
The English Church in Heidelberg is currently without a resident priest (we are actively recruiting) but that has not stopped the growth in faith among members of the congregation. Reader Rosemary Selle recently prepared a candidate for confirmation and presented him to me at a recent parish visit.

Testimonies are frequently given by the candidates for the sacrament of Confirmation, but in Heidelberg something different happened, which moved us all. A prayer was prayed for Danny, which had been composed by his big sister Divya. I post it below. It is beautiful.

Danny’s confirmation prayer written by his sister Divya:
Dear God,
Thank you for letting us all come and gather here today, under your watchful eye.
Thank you for guiding my brother all through his life and for staying with him through all these years both as a mentor and as a friend to turn to in times of need.
We are unendingly grateful to you, Oh Lord, for bringing my brother to this point in his life, where he is ready to become a part of your flock and ready to walk in the path that your son Jesus Christ has set before us.
We know, dear Lord, that you are always watching over us and protecting us, and for the constant holy presence of your Spirit, we give you thanks.
We learn and remember, every year, the sacrifice your beloved Son Jesus Christ made to save us from death and deliver us into eternal life in heaven, and we give you thanks.
We know that our beloved grandfather is also witnessing this incredible moment in my brother’s life with you, my Lord, through your almighty power, and for that we give you thanks.
I pray that you will continue to watch over my brother for the rest of his life, and that he will always have someone to turn to in times of trouble.
I pray that you will help my brother and keep him safe as he grows into a wonderful, caring person, as you have done so far.
And I pray, Oh Lord, that you make today special for my brother, so that he may carry the memories of this day well into his life and always remember you as well as always follow in the ways of your Son.
In Jesus’ name,
There has been Anglican worship in Heidelberg for over 400 years. The first services were held in the chapel of the castle.

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