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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

L'Eglise d'Angleterre - en France?

These days when English newspapers run stories about the Anglican Church I often tend to cringe. However, last Saturday I was pleasantly surprised by a very friendly feature in The Times on the life of our diocese in France. It underlined the warm ecumenical relations that exist between the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church in that country, relations that make a practical difference to the life of our diocese. We are grateful for the hospitality that is shown to our congregations by Roman Catholic bishops, clergy and people, and for the support we feel from them for our own pastoral work. Three of our own priests, the Revds Gill Strachan, Peter Dawson and Paul Vrolijk get special mention in the article as does our Archdeacon of France, the Venerable Ken Letts.
Read The Times article here.
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