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Saturday, 10 April 2010

New Communicants at St Paul's Monaco

It was a special Easter for 6 children in the parish of St Paul's Monaco who received their first Holy Communion on Easter Day. The children pictured are pictured here with their certificates marking the completion of their preparation programme. St Paul's Monaco is one of the congregations of the diocese which have asked permission to admit baptised children to Communion before Confirmation.

In the Church of England, children who have been baptised but who have not yet been confirmed and who are not yet ready and desirous to be confirmed as required by paragraph 1(a) of Canon B15A may be admitted to Holy Communion provided that certain regulations are satisfied. Please note that the guidelines in the Diocesan Handbook and on the diocesan website are now out of date as there have been new regulations issued in 2006. I will ensure that the new regulations appear on the website as soon as possible along with the diocesan form to apply or permission for this provision in our churches and congregations.

In the meantime, the form and the regulations can be requested from my chaplain Deacon Frances Hiller



  2. Good to read this happy story from Monaco. Re. the guidelines/regulations I wrote a rather polemic piece about this at - the content of which probably explains why I won't be rushing for permission myself. But I wish them all the very best in Monaco of course...