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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Love Life Live Lent - Be the Change!

If parishes in Europe are looking for a Lent resource, the Church of England has produced a booklet that is worth looking at. It is entitled Love Life Live Lent - Be the Change! written by the lay theologian Dr Paula Gooder and her husband the Revd Peter Babington. It is designed to lead people through simple daily activities to make small but revolutionary changes to the world around them during Lent 2013. There are two versions of the booklets, one for adults and one for children, each with daily biblical reflections and suggestions for the observance of Lent, such as:

Adults' Version:
• Keep in touch more: Phone someone you love but haven't seen for a while
• Slow down: Take longer over breakfast and really taste your cornflakes (or whatever else you have!)
• Do something different: Outside of work, have a screen-free day and do something different

Kids' Version:
• Be aware of others: Make a list of up to five people you have met today, and then pray for them.
• Be more giving: Get a jar and put your small change into it each day. At the end of Lent give it to a charity.
• Say sorry: Think about something you have done wrong and say sorry for it

The inspiration for Love Life Live Lent - Be the Change! comes from the experience of the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, at which 70,000 volunteers gave of themselves and their time to make the games a success, showing what can be achieved in communities when people work and serve together.

Love Life Live Lent - Be the Change! is available from Church House Publishing here.

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