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Friday, 14 February 2014

Think big, urges Bible Study leader, reflecting on parish strategy

The Revd Canon Dr Medhat Sabry, the priest-in-charge of St John the Evangelist Church, Casablanca, led Bible studies on the book of Nehemiah at the Archdeaconry of Gibraltar Synod. He shared many insights from the story of Nehemiah on planning and strategy for parish life, including one which seemed to touch the members of the Synod:  "Think big and you get big things. Think small and you get nothing!"

Our Archdeaconry is greatly enriched by the presence of Fr Medhat, who brings a rich experience in ministry to our already diverse and gifted clergy. For instance, in introducing himself  to the Synod he described himself as African, Egyptian, Arab and Christian:

African -  For this is where Egypt is, and by the colour of his skin
Egyptian - this is the passport he holds and it is his native land
Arab - he speaks the Arabic tongue
Christian - from the ancient Christian community in Egypt.

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