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Monday, 21 February 2011

Advent Appeal response enables White Nile Congregation to begin planning

Archdeacon Jonathan Lloyd of Germany and Northern Europe met with the Revd Amos Manga and members of the White Nile Congregational Committee in Vaasa on 15 February. The Archdeacon was able to present a cheque to the congregation for €5,500 which is the result (so far) raised by our parishes during the Advent Appeal 2010 for the educational project of the White Nile Congregation.

The Revd Amos Manga expressed thanks from the congregation for the generous response of brothers and sisters across the diocese. Detailed plans are now being put into place for the administration of a special fund which will provide resources to improve the English language skills of youth, women and other leaders of this Sudanese congregation.

Other general plans for the strengthening of congregational life were discussed at the meeting which was chaired by the Revd Rupert Moreton, the chaplain of the Anglican Church in Finland. The representative of the Mothers’ Union highlighted the priorities of bible study, pastoral visits to families and language training for the women. The need to find suitable venues for youth work was also discussed, and this will be explored with Lutheran Church partners in Vaasa.

I heard very moving tributes to Fr Amos’ ministry, which has been instrumental in bringing unity to this scattered congregation, and who has made very creative use of the few resources available for his ministry. It is good that this diocesan family has rallied together to give solid support to this congregation which faces unique challenges.


  1. Why do you want money for an Arabic-speaking congregation to learn English when they live in (rural, remote) Finland?

    What spiritual goal does this promote?

  2. Basically, Thomas, the diocese responded because the people of these congregations themselves requested this support.