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Friday, 18 February 2011

Chrism Eucharists in the Diocese in Europe

Every year during Holy Week the oils that are used throughout the following year for ministry to the sick, for Christian initiation, and for ordination are solemnly blessed in an episcopal service. This is also the occasion at which the clergy and Readers of the diocese are invited to reaffirm the promises they have made in their ministry, before the bishop. As in recent years, in order to include more clergy and Readers, the bishops will each preside at a Chrism Eucharist in different centres in the diocese on Tuesday in Holy Week.

ANTWERP - Tuesday 19 April, 12.00 noon
St Boniface Church, Bishop Geoffrey presiding. .

GENEVA - Tuesday 19 April, 12.00 noon
Holy Trinity Church, Bishop David presiding. The preacher will be the Venerable Peter Potter, Archdeacon of Switzerland.

A simple lunch will follow both services

As the laity play an important role in representing the whole body of the faithful, they are strongly encouraged to attend these services where this is logistically possible.

Clergy and Readers attending the Eucharist in Antwerp should inform the chaplain, the Revd Andrew Wagstaff, that you will be present ( St Boniface Church is located at Grétrystraat 39, 2018 Antwerp, Telephone: +32 (0) 3 239 33 39.

Clergy and Readers attending the Eucharist in Geneva should inform the chaplain, the Revd Roy Taylor, that you will be present ( Holy Trinity Church is located at 14 bis Rue du Mont Blanc, CH-1201 Geneva. Telephone: +41 (0) 22 731 51 55.

Clergy should bring an alb (or cassock and surplice) and a white stole or preaching scarf, and readers a cassock and surplice or alb, and reader scarf and be at the church not less than 30 minutes before the service.

Oils will be available for distribution after the services. Clergy who cannot attend but who wish to receive supplies of newly-blessed oil for anointing the sick and candidates for baptism (the bishops bring Chrism oil with them for confirmations etc) should contact Mrs Bron Panter at the diocesan office before the end of April, on + 44 (0)20 7898 1155 (or, who will keep a list of requests.

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