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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Prayer for Egypt

All Saints Anglican Cathedral, Cairo

Bishop Mouneer Anis, the Anglican Bishop of Egypt has released a statement about the situation in his country. He writes:
I called upon the people of Egypt to give time for the new government to achieve the needed security, justice and democracy. We meet every day at the cathedral to pray for the situation. We thank God because all our churches and institutions are safe.

‘We, with many other Egyptians, are very sad because of the violence and destruction within our beloved country. ‘Egypt is known in the region as "the mother of the world." Now, the mother is wounded by its own children, which is harder than wounds of outside wars.

‘Please pray so that God may give wisdom to all those who are in authority to put an end to this unacceptable violence. Pray for the demonstrators in order that they may go back to their homes and wait for the new government to act. Pray for the medical teams who are dealing with the wounded. ‘Pray especially tomorrow, as people tend to gather and demonstrate on Fridays. Pray for God's protection for all the people of Egypt. We have hope in God who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.’
Here is a prayer from Christian Aid that can be used privately and as part of the intercessions in Church.

God of Egypt, God of the world,
Hear the cry of your people.
Bring comfort to those who long for peace;
Bring restraint in those who perpetuate violence;
Bring courage to those who are fearful.
We hold before you the people of Egypt,
May hatreds be transformed,
May lives be respected,
May the steadfast power of your love and hope
shine though the darkness and insecurity of the present time.

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