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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A Word of Encouragement from the Finance Officer re: Gift Aid

The Diocesan Finance Officer, Mr Nick Wraight (above), recently reported on the income made available to churches in our diocese through the UK Gift Aid scheme. Through Gift Aid, donations made by UK tax payers are augmented by an extra 25%.  To date in 2010 over £72,000 of additional funds have been made available to our parishes through the scheme and the total amount for the year is expected to be more than £95,000! 

Donations under the UK Gift Aid scheme can be made on a one-off basis, at irregular intervals or by regular pledging. However, presently less than 50% of our parishes avail themselves of the scheme, so there is clearly room for further benefit. Any who wish to support financially our congregations who are UK tax payers should consider taking advantage of this way to make their donations more tax efficient. It could increase the amount given to the parish by 25%, at no cost to the donor!

Donors do not need to be resident in the UK but must be UK tax payers. So, for example, retired persons living in France, who receive a UK pension may be eligible to channel their support to their local church this way.

The Finance Officer can give further advice, information and help, and is able to supply the necessary forms for Gift Aid on request. He can be contacted here.

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