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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Secretary of the Central Readers' Council of the C of E is impressed by Europe's Readers

Dr Alan Wakely, the Secretary of the Central Readers' Council of the Church of England, was surprised and heartened by what he saw at our recent Diocesan Readers' Conference. "The average age of readers in the Church of England begins with a 6...", Dr Wakely remarked. "Clearly from what I see this is not the case in the Diocese in Europe, where you are much younger. I am delighted that you are not all over 75!"

Dr Wakely came to address the Readers on current trends in Reader Ministry across the Church of England, including the question of whether Readers should now be called "licensed lay ministers" and some key areas where canon law touches upon the ministry of Readers. He particularly liked the way we refer to our Readers as "lay theologians".

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