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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Preaching Workshop

The Diocese in Europe Director of Training, the Revd Ulla Monberg, recently organised a conference for Readers and those training to be Readers from across the diocese. The event was held at St Columba's House, Woking, from 18 to 20 November.

The conference focussed on the ministry of preaching and the speakers included the Revd Canon Mark Oakley, the priest-in-charge of the Grosvenor Chapel and formerly the Archdeacon of Germany and Northern Europe, and the Revd William Gulliford, the Diocesan Director of Ordinands. The conference focussed on theological and practical aspects of the ministry of preaching and teaching. I gave a lecture on divine revelation, the Christian doctrine of how God communicates with his people.

16 participants came from France, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. As often happens at meetings in our diocese, the participants also valued the opportunity to time spent together in worship and fellowship, and took steps to keep in touch with each other for ongoing encouragement in their rministry when they return to their local churches.


  1. "Demnark"??? "thie rministry"??? Davide, Davide, what about using a spellchecker next time?! Remember blogging is a serious profession that comes with some responsibility ;-) BTW, answering to @tweets on twitter is also good social media practice, SY *stepping down from her soapbox for today*

  2. David, I am trying to post a comment on your next item on Anglican/RC relations, but not getting a link to post a comment; So this will have to do instead:
    There has been some grumbling about the Provincial Episcopal Visitors having had 'secret' talks with the Vatican leading to the Pope's offer. The truth is, none of those meetings were secret, since Lambeth was kept informed. Quite apart from that, though, if the C of E were serious about wanting to keep traditionalists on board, it might have allowed some of us into the ARCIC and other discussions. I do hope you might care to make that point when you meet to talk Ecumenism ... like charity, it begins at home.

  3. Sorry that the link did not work, Edwin. Sometimes I am mystified about how this all works (or doesn't work). You make a very useful clarification. I too had heard the grumbles. As for the ARCIC membership, that is, of course, not in the hands of the C of E alone, as it is an Anglican Communion responsibility. But your point is well taken, nevertheless.

  4. David, you gave an excellent sermon in the service on Friday morning as well and before that, a lecture on the theology of revelation; not as in the last book of the Bible but as in what as giving a sermon adn experiencing your own revelation, are you doing in the sermon, or supposed to be doing.. or meant to do be doing... This was a kind of "pressure cooking" lecture with lots to think about. David, you used a powerpoint slide show... and I as one of the attendees of the training, can only hope that you will find the time to ask your communication professionals to put the lecture in ppt on the blog.
    I think many could profit from this, even without hearing you speaking and reaching deeper and explaining.

  5. Grada, I will see what can be done about making the powerpoint available.