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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Eurobishop is One Year Old

Today, 14 July, the Eurobishop blog is one year old. In that year there have been 221 articles on topics that I thought might be of interest to the people of this Diocese in Europe and to others who are interested in Anglican life on this continent (as well as in Morocco and Turkey).

I have been pleasantly surprised by the reception of Eurobishop and the many comments passed on to me about how the blog has become an effective and valued way to help people within our loosely-knit diocese feel more connected. The feedback I have received is overwhelmingly positive, so I am encouraged to continue to communicate with the diocese and beyond through this medium.

As I look over the past articles, these are the kinds of things that I have covered:

  • news and developments in congregations
  • brief reports on meetings: deaneries, archdeaconries, diocesan synod, training events etc
  • new clergy appointments and ordinations
  • Church of England or Anglican Communion news items which may be of interest to our diocese
  • ecumenical news items which touch upon our life in some way
  • resources, book reviews
I would value your comments on what sort of articles you would find useful or enjoy. I would also appreciate hearing from you about any ideas for the development and improvement of this site. What do you think about the balance of pictures and text? Should there be a page on the blog for upcoming events in the diocese? (I think there is a way of doing this). Should I invite guest articles or opinion pieces?

I am open to all suggestions!


  1. I am glad with your blog, it covers many gaps. There are still some major holes in communication remaining, both at (local) policy level (how to react to certain developments in the countries we inhabit, e.g. (as one example out of many) what is (to be) our line on somation - I asked the bishop who is closely involved with funerals and am still waiting for an answer), and at the micro level such as nearby appointments, new worship venues and such.
    Your blog is a great help.

  2. Happy Birthday to the Eurobishop blog! This is an excellent way of communicating with members of our Diocese. Congratulations and I'm mightily impressed by the number of blogs posted well past midnight.

  3. Bishop David, what I most value about your blog is news and reflections about developments in the wider church, especially our ecumenical partners. It's not so easy to find this elsewhere. Reports of appointments and celebrations in particular congregations, and reports of archeaconry synods, really belong on the diocesan web site, which, although much improved, is still somewhat static.

  4. The blog does in practical form what I knew to be a fact.. but that was knowing and not experiencing (as I do now, thanks to the blog) that we _are_ a Diocese in Europe. It makes me feel much more connected to real people, not just a fact to politely nod to.
    All the articles you have been writing about I enjoy; the mix between photo's of people and occasions and text I think well balanced.
    Personally I would like to have some more pictures of the building in which people worship; but most certainly not to the cost of having less people pictures!

    I would also like to read some more of your personal musings on what certain decisions really mean for the Diocese itself.
    I do not mean as "dicta: this is the way it is", but in the sense of: this could mean this or that for the DoE; or: this is the way it touches me.

    And finally: a question, a request, an urgent asking. I do not know the exact right words for this; if and when this question is deemed impolite in the English language and or culture, please: I apologise!
    I most certainly do not mean to offend!
    I fully understand how busy you are, and how busy the staff (I thank them for running the DoE so efficiently!) must be all the time.

    Last year, you gave a most excellent lecture on theology of revelation.. for Readers and Readers in training, in Woking, in the course of "preaching".
    This lecture you supported by a powerpoint presentation.
    I would dearly love to have those slides to read and study again.

    Some months ago, in the course of my studies, I thought back to some things you had said, adn thought: I'll look details up in my notes.
    I did, adn err, discovered, that I must have been listening so intently that actually, I have no notes with content or details in them at all.

    Please: would it be possible to put that ppt presentation on your blog... or anyplace else where I could study it again?
    But keeping up with the blog, yes please. I find it really helpful and heartening, becoming member of a family.

    Grada Schadee, Reader in training, Rotterdam

  5. Happy Birthday Eurobishop Blog. Great blog which keep me update about what is happening in Europe and also a great source of information to our own parish blog. Congratulations for this great service of information.
    Fr. Maurice Francois. St. Paul's Church, Runnymede, Diocese of Toronto, Canada.