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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Archbishop Rowan: Learn to Love the World We're In

As many readers of this blog know, Archbishop Rowan Williams travels to Copenhagen this weekend for engagements related to the UN climate summit. Archbishop Rowan is emphatic that Christianity and religion in general has much to say about this great issue. On BBC Radio 2 yesterday he said: “We're getting ready for Christmas and it's worth remembering that one of the things we celebrate at Christmas is God taking an interest in the real material stuff of this Earth, the flesh and blood, and all the things that keep flesh and blood secure – food and shelter and so on. It would be pretty peculiar if we took the world less seriously than God does.” The Archbishop suggested that we could all “scale down our extravagant use of energy and the amount of waste we produce – that’s certainly a challenge at Christmas!”. Part of the message we are sure to hear in Copenhagen from the Archbishop is that change would only come “if we learn to love the world we’re in”.

Fr Jonathan LLoyd and his team at St Alban's Copenhagen have a full weekend planned. I have posted this information below (follow "Read More") so that you can keep these events, the Archbishop's visit, and the summit conversations in your prayers.

(See also the St Alban's Copenhagen Website here). 

Friday 11 December

Interreligious climate change pilgrimage: The four religious communities will open their doors and tell us about climate change from their religious perspective – in English of course. When evening falls upon the cold streets of Copenhagen, we’ll light climate friendly torches – and before the last visit there’s free dinner for everybody.

14:00-14:45 Judaism. The Synagogue is open from 13:45 Krystalgade 12, central Copenhagen

15:00-16:15 Buddhism. ‘Climate Change and Karma’ by Ani Tenzin Drolkar. Nørregade 7b,, central Copenhagen. Including coffee break

17:00-17:45 Islam. By writer Aminah Tønnesen and imam Abdullah Khan. Vesterbrogade 24, first floor, ‘Rummet’ at Republikken

17:30 Evening Prayer at St Alban’s Church

18:00 “St Francis of Assisi and Creation” talk by Br Clark Berge SSF (Minister General of the Society of St Francis) at St Alban’s Church, followed by discussion

18:00-19:15 DGI-City/Klimaforum09. Dinner, workshops and introduction to NGO’s initiatives. Tietgensgade 65, Copenhagen V. Pilgrimage with torches

20:00-20:45 Christianity. ‘Christian responsibility for God’s creation’ by Professor Theodor Jørgensen. A choir will also sing. Helligåndskirken (church), Niels Hemmingsensgade 5 (Strøget), central Copenhagen

Saturday 12th December

08:30 Morning Prayer

12:00 St Alban’s Climate banner meets at Copenhagen Cathedral. Christian organizations, NGOs and charity groups meet outside Vor Frue Kirke (Copenhagen Cathedral Church of Our Lady). Address by the Archbishop of Canterbury before we move off to join the demonstration at Parliament Square at Christiansborg.

18:00 Evening Service and Reflection by Archbishop Rowan Williams at Trinity Church (near Nørreport station/metro)

20:30 Free public film evening at St Alban’s Church – “The Age of Stupid” (in English)

Soup will be served and there will be a time for discussion, reflection and prayer.

Sunday 13th December

10:00 Holy Eucharist at St Alban’s Church

11.30 Countdown to Co2penhagen event – Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Outlandish at the Town Hall Square. An inspiring and entertaining public event marking the culmination of the global campaign Countdown to Co2penhagen for a fair and effective climate deal. Archbishop Desmond Tutu will hand over thousands of signatures from all over the world to a UN representative. A group will leave St Alban’s at 11.10 (walking) to join the event.

14:00 Ecumenical Service in Copenhagen Cathedral, with representatives of the world’s denominations, including churches in Greenland, the South Pacific and Africa. We will pray for the victims of climate change across the globe, asking for forgiveness for having mismanaged the world’s resources and not having been responsible stewards of God’s creation, and hoping for a just outcome to the negotiations for those in the developing world. The Archbishop of Canterbury will be preaching and Archbishop Desmond Tutu will also participate. The service will end with a symbolic ringing of bells, which will be echoed across the city, the country and the world. St Alban’s Church will be screening the service with a live feed from Denmarks Radio television network.

15:00 350 bells at St Alban’s Church

17:30 Evening Prayer at St Alban’s Church

18:00 “Prosperity Without Growth” a talk by Prof Tim Jackson of the UK Sustainability Commission, at St Alban’s Church, followed by discussion

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